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Lawyer Claudia Lavalle

Lawyer Claudia Lavalle

Place and date of birth
Bari - 14/12/1994
Master's Degree in Law
Awarded the grade of grade of 110/110 with  honours at the University of Bari Aldo Moro on 23/07/2018 for thesis on Criminal Law entitled "Riforma Orlando: Remedial conduct and extinction of the offence under ex Article 162 ter of the Penal Code"
Area of activity
Criminal law

Offences against Public Administration and Professional Liability

Postgraduate courses and/or qualifications

Completed short Masters degree in "Selected Issues of EU taxation as EU law" at the University of Bari - Aldo Moro; Internship at Co.Re.Com - Puglia "Alternative dispute resolution for the protection of consumers and small enterprises"


FPS - Law firm

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