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Criminal Law

The firm was founded as a firm dedicated to criminal law. Lawyer Eustacchio Sisto, lawyer Francesco Paolo Sisto and lawyer Roberto Eustacchio Sisto are proof of how the passion to defend in the courtroom has been passed down as a mutual desire.

The tradition is now backed by numerous professionals, each with their own curriculum of excellence and specialisation, forming a hotbed where comparison and synergy allow for growth and results.

The main areas of professional interest are:

Environmental Criminal Law

The firm assists various companies and entrepreneurs operating in the field of waste treatment and management, assists large industries in litigation concerning violations of environmental laws, providing all-round assistance, and offering all types of expertise in regards to authorisations and licences.

Crimes against the Public Administration

FPS Law Firm has developed specific expertise in proceedings concerning crimes against public administration.

Over the years, the firm has built up a highly specialised team in this type of criminal offence, consolidating know-how that makes it one of the important points of reference on a national level.

Professional liability

Professional liability is a "pathology" that is widely applied, not only in the healthcare professions (doctors in particular) but in all areas involving the various professional bodies.

The firm offers the professional or injured party specifics to defend their rights.

Thanks to decades of experience in this field, FPS Law Firm offers the professional or injured party specific assistance to defend their rights, while also making use of its consultant staff who are able to support the judgement with valid documentary evidence for the affirmation of the client's reasons.