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Safety at Work

Risk assessment is not only a mere legal requirement, but also a set of correct procedures within a company organisation to prevent litigation related to safety at work.

This is one of the objectives that FPS Law Firm has set itself by offering specialised consultancy services, from the recognition of individual proceedings to more general risk assessment. This support is provided by the constant presence of lawyers who are able to accompany management in making operational decisions.

The assessment procedure includes mechanisms involving analysis and forecasting, to identify the threats, the extent to which they may occur and also the limits within which risks may be taken, as well as methodological and process corrections that may help the company to prevent them.

The procedure can be outlined in 3 steps:

1. Identification of the main business processes/areas;

2. Risk mapping and identification with a clear and immediate representation of the range of threats that may be encountered;

3. Qualitative or quantitative risk assessment (risk scoring).

The experience gained over the years in the sector has enabled the firm to gain accreditation from large companies, thereby contributing to the growth of added value within the same company and transforming a potential critical issue into a strength.