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Lawyers for three generations

FPS Law Firm was born from the strength of a simple yet extraordinary man: Eustacchio Sisto (1926-2013) taught entire generations to love the toga even more than themselves.

In 2005, Francesco Paolo Sisto picked up the baton and started a group formed on this fundamental principle.

Not just trials, but people too” is the motto that encapsulates the declared centrality of the relationship with the client, understood as one of the professional’s non-secondary missions.

It has always been the firm's mantra that the legal profession should be an organisation that focuses on human and technological resources.

In spite of the strict confidence in the abilities of individuals (the firm was founded by the legendary Don Eustacchio, an 'in-house\’ lawyer), its defining characteristic is teamwork, in which everyone, depending on what is required, makes the most of their individual skillsets.

In 2011, the team was joined by lawyer Roberto Eustachio Sisto.