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Lawyer Alessandro D'Aprile

Lawyer Alessandro D'Aprile

Place and date of birth
Putignano - 11/09/1979
Master's Degree in Law
Completed thesis on Philosophy of Law titled ‘Criminal Law in Islamic countries,’ at the University of Bari Aldo Moro in July 2009. Joined Bari Law Society on 11/2014.
Area of activity
Criminal law
With particular reference to the field of corporate, financial and bankruptcy offences, the administrative liability of legal persons for offences (Legislative Decree no.  231/2001), as well as offences against public administration, environmental matters, the protection of trademarks, industrial property, patents and distinctive signs from counterfeiting and alteration, defamation by the press
Spanish, French, English
Postgraduate courses and/or qualifications
Undertook advanced legal training in "Particular law and current issues in the churches”  at the University of Bari Law Department - Research Centre - Puglian theological faculty

FPS - Law firm

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